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COVID-19 Update

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Important Update – 3/16/20

Due to the COVID-19 situation we are all facing unprecedented times in both our personal and professional lives. Here at Johnson Wilshire, Inc. we are doing our best to navigate these uncharted territories to the best of our abilities, while always keeping our employees and customers in the forefront of our minds. We will continue to closely monitor the rapidly evolving situation and make changes as needed. Due to disruptions in the global supply chain combined with an incredibly high volume of demand, we are experiencing many challenging issues which include but are not limited to: • Delays processing and pulling orders.

• Product shortages.

• Shipment delays on new product.

• Higher costs due to raw material shortages and increased labor costs. Some products such as surgical and n95 masks have increased by 10 times or more. In response to the current situation we all find ourselves in, we will be implementing several new measures outlined below:

• Customers who have past dues (over 45 days) or are over their credit limit at this time will be required to pay those down for orders to be released.

• There is a mandatory 15% restocking fee and a temporary maximum 30-day return period. Returns will require an approved RMA.

• All orders may be modified at our discretion.

• Back orders will be processed and fulfilled to the best of our ability based upon when the order was received as well as previous usages. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we all work our way through these turbulent times together. -The JW Team


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