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Oil Resistant Fleece - 481

Oil Resistant Fleece - 481

• Fully coated, extra coating over entire hand

• Scalloped edge

• Rough finish over entire surface

• Antibacterial and anti-odour treatment

• Anatomical shape

• Seamless knit


    A comfortable, flexible glove that is resistant to abrasion and very pleasant to wear in cold weather

    • Seals and protects the hand against chemicals while remaining flexible, up to -20°C external temperature

    • Impermeable for working in damp or greasy environments, enabling you to grip objects securely

    • Surface provides tactile feel and better grip

    • Greater hygiene

    • Assured comfort and warmth

    • Designed for easy movement and continuous wear

    • No irritation by seams in contact with the skin

    • Extended protection on the forearm


    • The size given corresponds to a well fitting glove

    • The stated impermeability performance level (EN374-3) does not reflect the actual protection level at the place of work – other factors may influence the performance.

    • Do not use with chemicals other than those tested without prior trials • Highly traction resistant gloves, do not use if there is risk of being caught up in moving machines

    • Store away from light and humidity

    • Rinse the gloves in running water before removing, using a neutral detergent if necessary


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